Sithand'izingane provides an orphan after school program for 55 children and 35 small children during the day. The centre provides good nutrition, vitamin supplements and stimulating educational activities for the women and children.

Besides the drop-in centre it also provides the following services:

- Basic sewing skills for our mothers and grannies.
- Literacy classes.
- A feeding plan for 375 orphans and delivered to five sites in the two townships five times a week.
- Orphan after school care programme and holiday programme.
- A bi-weekly therapy programme for children of child-headed households.
- The volunteer field workers provide emergency food package distribution to over 150 families in crisis each month. They in turn collect paper, plastic and tin waste as their contribution for "payment" or choose to work in the organic food garden training program. Sithand'izingane also runs the Food Garden project.
Because of the financial assistance from Stichting Intabazwe school uniform projects can be realized frequently, we payed school fees and books for three girls, so they can study and we started a library.
In 2009 Hanni and Jos visited Geluksdal and the Sithand'izingane project. We arrived in Johannesburg on Saturday 14 February and were picked up by Sr. Mary. For the duration of our stay we lived in the convent in the township. She had a busy - and as it turned out - moving programme for us. We saw all the acitvities of the project, handed out food among needy schoolchildren and met Jean Williams from Biblionef to talk about the library. We also visited a house in the township, where women make schooluniforms and jumpers are knit. Further we met Gloria and Sofie, two of the three girls we payed the school fees for. At the end of our journey we visited the office of Biblionef in Cape Town. All people we met were very friendly and highly enthusiastic.


On the 22th of May 2010 the 10th anniversary of the project was celebrated - report + photos